This luxurious leather design clutch has a unique embroidered pattern which is carefully crafted by hand. The entire process of crafting the leather and stitching the handbag together is a manual and time-consuming one. The attention that this leather clutch has received during all the facets of design to stitching radiates from it. Both an understated chic allure and an extroverted tone give this clutch a character all of its own.

The longer this leather clutch is used, the more it becomes beautiful. The leather takes on a new dimension, a personal touch.

This leather clutch is elegant, and has a leather strap. Modern, classic and timeless.

Staunton Legend is a Slow Fashion brand and this luxury leather handbag was sustainably produced in Portugal.


Mini size


  • Flap closure with magnet
  • A strap for carrying around the wrist
  • Ornate leather shoulder strap
  • Stylish leather tassel
  • Unique Staunton Legend logo pattern stitching
  • Interior is lined with unique Staunton Legend micro print
  • Interior has additional zipped pocket
  • Optional extra travelbelt available for rugged and sporty look