The Paris super skinny stretch jeans are made of a cotton twill woven fabric. The jeans are a slim fit with a slightly raised waist with a beautiful Staunton jeans button. The back pockets are beautifully finished with unique and subtle embroidery of thick yarn. On the side of a back pocket is a woven logo label processed.

The Paris super skinny stretch jeans are a minimalistic and timeless design with which you can be excellent for the day.


  • Super skinny 
  • Regular length
  • Waist is 2 cm higher compared to standard jeans
  • Woven twill with 96% cotton, 4% elastane
  • Button closure with matte logo jeans button
  • Pocket lining with unique distinctive print design
  • Back pockets with unique subtle embroidery of thick thread
  • Woven logo label on side of the back pocket

Staunton Legend is a Slow Fashion brand and these stretch jeans are sustainably produced in Portugal.